Our Churches

Who we are:

We are a fellowship of Independent Baptist Churches in England and Wales..

"Who is willing to accept and practise all that this book contains?

Revd. Henry Augustus Squire (Founder.)

Our challenge to the hearers of the Gospel message is to return to the faith and practice of the Apostolic churches, to be the torch of truth that was lit and which still burns brightly in the hearts of those who belong to the Old Baptist Union, we are a small but vibrant fellowship of evangelical Baptist churches which has maintained a faithful Gospel witness in this country for a period of one hundred years, and we strive to continue until He returns to take us home.

Registered Charity Number 233642

We praise God for our international congregation (currently 16 nations) gathering to worship and serve God together. We thank God for opportunities to witness in the community through an open-air book table, coffee mornings and Lunch Bunch as well as our Sunday Services and Zoom. We have lately been encouraged by folk (not yet Christians!) walking in off the street to join us. Please pray with us that more souls will come to Christ in Hammersmith, that we will be able to enjoy more baptisms: that God will grow His Church. Pray too, as we face challenges with our old building.


Here in Manchester, our heart as a Church is to worship God, edify the saints and reach the lost. 

This means that we are about engaging with God through His Word and by His Spirit and living out our faith in discipleship and missions to reach this city for His glory.                                           

Please pray for hearts and minds in the Manchester area to be opened and receptive to the truth and praise the lord with us for the fruitful witness of this congregation since 1912.    


Horeb Baptist Church is a vibrant and Bible-believing gospel ministry located in Hattersley. With a rich history of faith and a heart for the community , this church stands as a beacon of hope and love. Committed to the authority of scripture, Horeb provides a nurturing environment for believers to grow in their relationship with God and each other. Through passionate worship, relevant teaching and compassionate outreach the church seeks to bring the transformative power of the Gospel to Hattersley and beyond. Horeb Baptist Church  is a welcoming and inclusive family where people can experience the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


CPR, in collaboration with the OBU, is significantly impacting prisons in England and Wales (with a modest influence in Scotland). We currently have 12 paid chaplains working for HMPPS due to this partnership, though the exact count may have changed recently. Additionally, numerous volunteers are diligently working within 15 prisons to spread the message of Christ. Moreover, hundreds of in-cell Bible studies are being conducted by inmates, ranging from basic studies to the level of Bible College. When you reflect on this, it truly demonstrated how God can use ordinary individuals, like the Gideons, to make a profound difference. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the OBU for its tireless efforts to support and reach out to those often forgotten and marginalised in our society.


Set in the heart of Eastleigh South, literally built into the Victorian housing terraces, Eastleigh continues to worship in and reach out to the community.

This is likely to be an exciting Autumn for

Emmanuel as we look to enhance our

weeknight activities, both spiritual and



Our vision is to reach and influence the world with the Truth of God by making known the good news about  Jesus Christ to communities around the world to transform lives and empower people to claim their destiny in the Kingdom of God.


Stanton Road Baptist Church in the west of Luton is here to honour God and to show His love to all in every way we can. 

We’re doing that particularly through our regular worship and fellowship building activities as well as a series of low-key outreach activities. 


Hightown Baptist Church, right in the heart of Luton, has been a witnessing to the Truth of the Gospel in this needy part of town since 1906 and from our current building since 1913. There has been an evangelical witness to the life, death and resurrection of Christ at this location ever since. It is our aim to always provide teaching based on God’s Word, the Bible, which is forever contemporary and relevant to everyday life.


Bethel Baptist church is a place where people testify to experiencing the presence of God as we gather together each Sunday Morning to worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This continues during the week as we meet together in call groups desiring to build one another up in the faith. We reach out to the community and further afield, who visit Bethel on Weekdays to attend Bethel Bunnies Toddlers Group and the Baby library. Please pray for more of the Spirit’s Presence amongst us; pray that we will deepen in our relationship with the Lord and with each other and that we will be a more powerful and loving presence in our community. “By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another” John 13:35 


Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) is an evangelical charismatic church, with a great modern building and facilities, situated in the lovely sea-side town of Swanage on the stunning Dorset Jurassic coast. We are a friendly, growing church seeking to share the life and good news of Jesus with our community and beyond. 


Mexborough Baptist Church

Woodhill Baptist Church, Colwyb Bay

Leek Baptist Church

Holbeach Baptist Church, Catford