Welcome to the website of 
The Old Baptist Union
The O.B.U. is a family of
mainstream Christian
churches across the U.K.
We work together for mutual
support and encouragement
in our mission to show and
tell the good news of Jesus.

OBU churches are in:

Colwyn Bay, Hawarden Rd, LL29 8NA

The OBU churches follow a policy for
safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. For more information, contact the OBU Safeguarding Officer.
The OBU is guided by the Committee of Management, made up of the pastors of our churches and some other church representatives.

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CPR - partner organisation
We provide accreditation for a team of chaplains and prison workers.
Christian Prison Resourcing is a charity that works to offer personal support and instruction alongside local churches and prison chaplains.
Click here for CPR website